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This is one of the most advanced simulator training facilities in the world. We offer training for individuals and teams in the Offshore Oil & Gas drilling and maritime industry. Our advanced training techniques and immersive simulations allows you to train as close to real working situations as possible – improving safety and team performance.
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Welcome to Maersk Training in Svendborg

Using a whole new generation of simulators and techniques, your teams will be met by challenges as close to real working situations as they can get. Traditional methods are still part of everyday training, but with the industry-leading simulation complex, fresh approaches to learning are setting new standards of efficiency and competencies – particularly at team level.

The true value

You can choose from a broad portfolio of maritime, crane and off-shore drilling related courses. In addition the people skills department provides essential assistance in selecting and maintaining the right personnel – and in enabling everyone on your teams to communicate freely, accurately and effectively.

The true value of training complete vessel or rig teams is evident. You will experience how our advanced safety and performance improving programs – linking cross functional team training together – will have a direct impact on safety, operation and profitability.

Industry knowledge centre

The whole Maersk Training complex in Svendborg is designed to maximize the learning process for all participants – making sure they enjoy every minute of their stay. This includes comfortable accommodation and excellent food in our private hotel and restaurant.

For your company, choosing Maersk Training will give your team members a better learning experience. In this industry knowledge centre, they will be inspired by the most advanced facilities and high-end training experts. Provided by Maersk Training together with leading players of the industry, joined in the ambition of setting tomorrows training standards.

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